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"Unmerciful Fallen Angels"

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History of /lUFAl\

November 03, 2004
/lUFAl\ was started by Briton Heitt and Aaron Badger. The clan was started about one month ago and is thriving fantastically. Please join now, and resume your destiny....

We are the Halo 2 clan "Unmerciful Fallen Angels", with the tag /lUFAl\.

We thrive on teamwork, this isn't a dictatorship. There is no "supreme ruler", we are a team, and there is no "i" in team. Though do have leaders, we are a team. Please email us at: for more information on the clan. Thanks!

The Top Dogs of /lUFAl\

Briton Heitt started the idea of the /lUFAl\ Halo 2 clan along with Aaron Badger. Here is a picture of Briton Heitt.


Now you know what one of the masters behind this clan looks like....muahaha! Just kidding...

"Unmerciful Fallen Angels" is endowed in the copyright of Briton Heitt. If used or stolen, the person will be liable for violation and fraud.