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"Unmerciful Fallen Angels"

Recent and Upcoming Clan Meetings

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On this page we'll present a summary of past meetings and a calendar of upcoming activities.

Recent Meetings

Our first meeting could possibly be early December or late November, to make sure that we give you all a chance to get the game and to make sure that everyone is at their "prime" on XBOX Live. You will still join the clan whenever you get the game, but the meeting wont be till later on. If you have any objections or inqueries, notify us please. Look for the Clan Meeting room, which will require a password if we can use a password, for current clan members. The password will be sent to you roughly around late November, depending on if you have the game at that time. Thank you. --Briton Heitt

Come into the light...
Join /lUFAl and spread your wings...

Upcoming Clan Battle

We may have a Clan battle with the "Halo 2/Fable Board Clan" (not sure yet what it is named, sorry) come late November when everyone has had a chance to meet their prime. Look for it here. --Briton Heitt

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