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"Unmerciful Fallen Angels"

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Clan Member Profiles and Pictures


Name: Briton Heitt
Age: 16 years old
Location: Oklahoma
Profile: I like video games, actually I LOVE video games. I started this clan along with my friend. I'm a Junior in highschool, and yeah, that's me.


Name: Samuel
Age: 16 years old
Location: California
Profile: My name is Samuel I like video games and I love to play Halo. I live in California and I am 16 years old. Thats about all I have to say about myself.

A barbecue party; Size=240 pixels wide

Name: Aaron Badger
Age: 16 years old
Location: Oklahoma

A sailboat; Size=240 pixels wide

Name: Lee Harris
Age: 17 years old (18 on Jan. 7th)
Location: Florida
Profile: Main interests are wrestling, the NFL, and video games.

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