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"Unmerciful Fallen Angels"

UFA Contact Information

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UFA Contact Info.

Want to join /lUFAl\? Contact us at the following information.

Send us an Email stating your XBOX LIVE gamertag and the desire to be a part of /lUFAl\, and an AIM sn so that we may contact you. Also state any questions you have of /lUFAl\.
Please Email us at:

Our Email!!!

Or you can IM me on AIM. My screen name for AIM is Redwall2004. Please IM me if you have any inqueries. 


JOIN /lUFAl\!!!

Become a /lUFAl\ Member!

Want to be a part of our team? Three easy steps and your in. 1) Email us. 2) Do you have XBOX LIVE, an XBOX, and planning on the purchase of Halo 2? 3) Are you above average at Halo? CONTACT US NOW!

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