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"Unmerciful Fallen Angels"

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November 6, 2004
READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE CLICKING LINK ABOVE!!!--Ok people, when you click the link above you will be on the actual clan homepage (a Bungie hosted one for the clan). Now, look at the top and click "join clan", then follow whatever instructions you must. If you do not have a .net password you will have to creat one. It is vital that you do this to register youreslf into the clan. DO IT NOW!
                                        ----Briton Heitt
November 5, 2004
Well, our long awaited /UFAl\ message boards our finally up. Click on the link above and don't forget to register in the forums! Thanks. ----Briton Heitt
November 04, 2004
Hey people...Briton and I have made a great clan...and all we need now is a bunch of people to join!  Halo2 is gonna be one of the best multiplayer games out Lock & Load!
Join the /|UFA|\! ----Aaron Badger
November 04, 2004
We've just added another staff member from! This is great news, as it could help develop are reputation that much further! He is XB-SHADE! Also, if you have time, check out and for more Halo 2 information than you could ever dream! And, if you get around to it, sign up on the sites and post in the forums! Also, join /lUFAl\! ----Briton Heitt
November 03, 2004 are an official clan of! This means that they will post any important clan news on their front page! Our thanks goes out to John for letting this happen. ----Briton Heitt
November 03, 2004
Hello, and welcome to the /lUFAl\ Clan website. If you haven't noticed already, /lUFAl\ stands for "Unmerciful Fallen Angels", and the symbols on either side (the tags) are wings. We are a Halo 2 clan, with many members, and we hope to only gain new ones. Please, if you are interested and would like more information, we would like for you to contact us for Clan Recruitment, which can be found on the Contact Information page and Clan Recruitment page. The site is not fully completed yet, as you can see, but it should be complete before November 6th. ----Briton Heitt

Please enjoy your time on our site, and please remember; Halo 2 releases November 9th, 2004, and "the world will truly never be the same". Try to reserve your copy before then, because it is going to be the highest demanded game of all time. Please contact us for clan recruitment, so you aren't left out in the cold by yourself. Please enjoy your stay on our site. Again, thank you.

Join /lUFAl\...
For Life...For Liberty...For Honor...

For news on Clan Updates and messages, please look to the links above. Please have a nice day.

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