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Two Weeks Wasted

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Hello, and welcome to the Two Weeks Wasted website! We are a Oklahoma based rock band. You can find all the information you want about us on this site. Also, make sure to check out our band background and photos! Thanks! ----Briton Heitt

We play a lot of different rock songs from different bands, and we will soon hopefully be playing some "original material". We play Nirvana's "Smell's Like Teen Spirit" and Blink 182 songs, along with other great works. We're also learning-at the moment-how to play Chevelle's new hit "Vitamin r". Stay tuned for more news on our band. Later. ----Briton Heitt


Haha! The above picture is-from left to right-Briton (the singer), San (the rhythmic guitarist), Morgan (the drummer), and Brandt (the bassist). Sadly, our lead guitarist (Caleb) wasn't able to make the practice, so we'll post a new pic of all of us when we can. ----Briton Heitt

Two Weeks Wasted is a soon-to-be break-through rock band. Please enjoy the site.